The Unexpected Husband (Mills & Boon Modern) (Wedlocked!, Book 18)

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Heiress Bella Haverton is furious that her father left everything to Edoardo Silveri -- her family home, her financial guardianship and, most grating of all, the right to decide who and when she marries!

Bella is determined Keeping your enemies close Natalie Armitage's world shattered the first time Angelo Belladini mentioned marriage. Their affair had been intensely passionate, but she had learned to close off her heart at an early age, so the thought of exposing ER doctor Kitty Cargill yearns for the fairytale: everlasting love, marriage and a family.

But after jilting her cheating ex she's locked up her heart and thrown away the key! The animal magnetism of her new boss Dr Jake Chandler opens her eyes to ra The last woman he would ever marry The last time Andreas Ferrante saw Sienna Baker, she was naively trying to seduce him.

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While her provocative sensuality is emblazoned on Andreas's memory, the terrible consequences torment him. So the news that t His not-so-perfect fiancee Emilio Andreoni's goal is perfection. A corporate king and Italy's most eligible bachelor, he craves only one more thing to complete his phenomenally successful life -- the perfect woman! Once he thought that woman Stylish heiress Lexi Lockheart has it all Their fiery attraction is as red-hot as the day he walked away. But even if Lexi gives in Her rejection scored his soul. But now the tables have turned: bad-boy-made-good Alessandro now Unfinished business with the boss!

Her trust fund is dwindling. If Jade Sommerville is to continue living in the manner she's become accustomed to, she has only one option The youngest of the Sabbatini brothers, Nic doesn't suffer fool Making the doctor his bride Penhally Bay is a world away from everything Eloise Hayden knows. Sabbatini men play for keeps -- losing is not in their vocabulary When Maya met Giorgio Sabbatini, he married the penniless waif and stray despite her inferior breeding. So her decision to divorce him now is made with a heavy heart. Giorgio belon He'll claim his baby Billionaire Luca Sabbatini may have ruthlessly cast Bronte Bennett from his life That's why he's back, and ready to reawaken their lost pa When Maya met Giorgio Sabbatini, he rescued the penniless waif and stray despite her inferior breeding.

Giorgio belongs to a notorious blue-blooded family, and their duty to maintain its Jingilly Creek isn't used to strangers -- especially tall, dark, utterly hot city cops! And there's definitely chemistry between the mysterious Marc Di Angelo and local doctor Gemma Kendall, yet Marc seems determined to ignore it. Gemma can see th Sabbatini men play for keeps - losing is not in their vocabulary Giorgio belo Men like Marc Castellano don't forgive.

They get revenge Five years ago, Ava McGuire married Marc's business rival, causing a high-profile scandal. But no one knows that Ava was forced to say "I do. A marriage based on convenience -- or on love? When fragile Emelia awoke from her coma she had no recollection of the strikingly handsome man before her, whose eyes glittered like fine-cut gems -- hard and impenetrable. But he aroused something with Prim and proper Dr. Erin Taylor has locked away her past -- and her heart. A terrible childhood meant she grew up too quickly, never knowing real love. But the arrival of gorgeous Dr.

Eamon Chapman stirs up emotions she's never experienced before! Kane Kaproulias has waited patiently for his chances for revenge. Now that her family has lost all their money, Bryony is at his mercy.

He'll have her right where he wants her -- in his bed, as his wife. Also published as The Greek's Bridal Bargai Wedded for revenge, bedded for pleasure! Gabriella St.

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Clair is desperate: she and her family face financial ruin. One man can help her. But he's the very man who wants to see her beg Merciless tycoon Vinn Venadicci had a heart once.


But after Her rebel with a heart of gold Emotionally and physically scarred, Dr. Frances Nin has come to Pelican Bay in search of tranquillity. But motorcycle-riding local rebel Sergeant Jacob Hawke gets her pulse rate spiking!

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One glimpse of the heat in Jaco The prince's baby of shame Cassie Kyriakis was wrongly accused of murdering her father and jailed, leaving her wild-child roots and Seb, her one true love, behind her Now, the throne awaits Prince Sebastian Karedes! Seb once loved Cassie so pa When Dr. Kellie Thorne arrives in the Outback she's prepared for the sun's heat -- but not for her sizzling attraction to brooding new colleague Matt McNaught! Matt knows people think he's arrogant, but that's the way he likes it -- his work comes Bought with diamonds When the joint guardianship of baby Molly is threatened, Italian playboy Mario Marcolini knows there is only one option: Sabrina, the child's nanny, must surrender to his diamond-laden proposal The Italian's ruthless bridal bargain No one asks a Marcolini for a divorce.

Especially a gold digger who could walk away with the family's fortune! Antonio Marcolini will make Claire pay. And he has got the perfect plan for vengeance--he'll deman Massimo was left with the bitter memory of Nikki, the gold-digging seductress. Bound by betrayal No Rafaele Fiorenza is furious. To get his inheritance he has to marry Emma March was only doing her job caring for the late Valentino Fiorenza. She expected no mention in his will, let alone a stipulation to marry He needed a convenient marriage. He bought a virgin wife! Australian millionaire Bryn Dwyer was looking for a wife--quickly, conveniently and temporarily.

But not one of the empty-headed bimbos he usually had adorning his arm.

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Hotheaded Mia Forreste Married for revenge Self-made billionaire Andreas Trigliani is set on revenge. Spoiled heiress Gemma, who wrecked his past, needs a husband--fast! And he's more than happy to help. Women may throw themselves at his feet every Alessandro Marciano threw pregnant Scarlett out on the street--this gold digger had betrayed him! Now he has returned--and he has a business proposition for Scarlett: he'll bankrupt her or bed her.

The choice is hers But when Alessandro's face Fighting for her very special surgeon Brilliant surgeon Ben Blackwood grew up with nothing.

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I'm looking for a book I read back in the late 80's. It was also touching the way Pepe cared, and tended to Cara. But Pepe was deep. Turn your back on home, family, friends, work. Just found out about this place, this looks great.

He's fought for everything he has. So when the rich daughter of the man who made Ben's career path near impossible appears as his new trainee, Ben isn't ha Ruthless husband, pregnant wife For Patrizio Trelini, everything points to Keira Worthington's infidelity.

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The ruthless Italian throws his temptress wife out--he won't listen to her lies! But, two months later, necessity brings Keira back into P The trick is to get the currency right. Charlotte Woodruff has never forgotten her heartbreak when Damon w A wife on paper Please help!! There were twins: a boy and a girl who lost their parents and were left in guardianship of a Duke.

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The boy ran away to sea to become a sailor and have a great adventure. So, the girl dressed up, pretending to be a boy and went to meet their newly appointed guardian. The Duke, trying to "man up" his new feminine looking ward took him her to a bordello very comical and that was where he found out that he was actually a she!! He ended up marrying her and then had her twin brought back from the ship he was on. I think the girl's name was Alyssa and her twin was Nicky. There is more to the story but any help you can give would be appreciated.

I've been looking for this book for a while but couldn't find it.

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I don't remember a lot of details. It's about a model coming back to her hometown.

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The book starts with her speeding when she's going into town.