Life by the Brook

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What effect does it create?

Read the given lines and answer the questions I chatter, chatter, as I flow To join the brimming river, For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever. What kind of a picture does it create?

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It creates an impression on our mind of the picture of a big river in flood. The life of the brook, however, is continuous and will never end. Nature is immortal and can outlive man.

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That is why the brook says it will go on forever. Identity the rhyme scheme of the poem. Ans: The rhyme scheme is ab ab cd cd ….. The poem is full of images that come alive through skilful use of words. List out any two images that appeal to you the most, quoting the lines from the poem.

Ans: The first vivid image created by the poet is that of the brook flowing through hills and valleys, under the bridges and by the villages. By thirty hills I hurry down Or slip between the ridges By twenty thorpes, a little town, And half a hundred bridges. The second striking image is that of serpent. Like flow of the brook, with flowers and fish floating on it.

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This image is most appealing because it is apt, colorful and poetic. The brook appears to be a symbol for life. Pick out examples of parallelism between life and the brook. Ans: The brook appears to be a symbol for life, which becomes the central theme of the poem. Various instances that can be seen in the poem which draw parallel between brook and life.

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The brook is a small stream that is born in some mountain. It grows bigger and stronger in the course of its journey.

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It makes so many types of sounds as it flows through the pebbles. Its movements are also varied. It slips and slides; it steals and winds its curves and flows.

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The brook of life is a simple yet powerful metaphor for life. We are spirits on a human journey– navigating the brook of life. Each in our own brook, all leading to . “Life by the Brook” was written in a season of hiding, extrapolating the secrecy of faith developed in obscure moments of sequestering. It searches to reveal the.

It chatters and babbles, it makes musical as well as harsh sounds. The brook represents life in general.

Both have an origin, a middle stage and an end. Both struggle against various adversities, odds and keep moving towards their goal.

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I watch you reading a book I get to thinking our love's a polished stone You give me a long drawn look I know pretty soon you're going to leave our home And of course I mind, Especially when I'm thinking from my heart But life don't clickety clack down a straight line track It comes together and it comes apart. You say you hope I'm not the kind To make you feel obliged To go ticking through your time With a pained look in your eyes You give me the furniture, we'll divide the photographs Go out to dinner one more time Have ourselves a bottle of wine And a couple of laughs And when first you left I stayed so sad I wouldn't sleep I know that love's a gift, I thought yours was mine And something that I could keep.

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